Yanick Dos Santos Dias (@djyaneek) : “Luxembourgish DJs aren’t valued enough!”

Nice to meet you Yanick, tell us something about yourself!

During the week, I´m Yanick Dos Santos Dias, 27 years old. On weekends, I turn into DJ YaNeek and try to make the people move and dance to my mixes.

What is your background? Where are you from?

I’m a child of capeverdian parents, but I was born and raised here in Luxembourg and detain Luxembourgish citizenship, finished school here with a high school graduate diploma. I raised up with music, to be honest, my parents always listened to it and went to concerts or family reunions with me where the music played until late in the night. That’s how I came in contact with music really.

Becoming a DJ isn’t a job a normal person usually dreams of. How did you discover DJing for yourself?

As I said before, music has been a constant factor in my teenagerhood. Wherever I went, people asked me to play songs via mobile phones or MP3 players. This brought me to the idea of trying my luck with DJing. The imagination of bringing people together, dancing and smiling while listening to the songs I play, gave me the inspiration to pursue this route. All of this happened between the age of 14 to 18. Turning 18, I downloaded my first ever DJ software called Virtual DJ and tried to play around with it, getting some songs together and tried mixing. One day, during a birthday party, I went up to that evening´s DJ (DJ Young So) which is a friend of mine. I tried to analyze his style of DJing, asked him if he had time to answer my questions about how to do it the right way, his equipment, and software. After 3-4 months, I understood everything there needs to be known and started buying my own equipment and practicing with it. Shortly after I started getting requests to be a DJ on birthday parties, in bars and lounges.


What are your achievements so far and what are your current projects?

I’ve been voted the third best DJ in Luxembourg in 2015 by public vote.  In 2017 and 2018, I won the Best Hip Hop DJ of Luxembourg combined vote of a jury and the public. Right now, I’m resident DJ at the M Club in Luxembourg-City and MPIRE in Ettelbruck. In addition to that, I get requests for parties and other clubs in Luxembourg and abroad. To be honest, I got a new goal, getting into the production of music. I hope to succeed in that area.

Where do you see yourself in the near future? Do you have any plans you try to follow?

Important for me is to increase my reach on social media. I try to get more followers that can enjoy my music. I think the DJ in Luxembourg is stigmatized, I would like to change that. Let’s face the reality: The Luxembourgish DJ isn’t valued enough amongst people. That’s why I try to give every new DJ that’s in need of some guidance or tips the chance to work with me and to help him to expand his reach. I always say “Together, we can go further and reach our goals.” Unfortunately, not everyone shares my state of mind.


Music is my passion, so my desire to get into the production of songs in two years’ time is enormous. I´d also love to go abroad, being on international tours and make new experiences, new contacts, and learn new techniques. I´d love to see what being a DJ on the international stage feels like!