Andy Pawlikowski (@andyeldoradio): “Radio moderator is my dream job!”

„Salut, hei ass den Andy an dir lauschtert d‘Morningshow um Eldo!“

For the last 14 years, Andy Pawlikowski (@andyeldoradio) informs and entertains Luxembourg with his unmistakable voice and charm. He told us more about his way from high school to chief editor at Luxembourg’s biggest privately operating radio station and the man behind the Morningshow voice.


Tell us something about yourself! What do you do and how did you get there?

My name is Andy, I’m 33 years old and I work at Eldoradio for 14 years. I started at Eldo right after high school, I skipped university. After 3 months of freelance work, they offered me the possibility to take over the early morning news, which meant that I had to work morning shifts. That wasn’t very easy at a young age, I mean, imagine waking up at 3AM to go to work. I would’ve rather gone out and party like others did, but I actually went for it and informed the country early in the morning! After a year, my supervisor told me that the Morningshow would be available to take over and asked me if I was interested. I think I was playing around in the office too much, so she saw some potential in me to entertain people! That’s how I joined the Morningshow where I still am today.

Over this period, I became head of content at Eldo. This means that I am responsible for every program and content that’s being diffused on the radio. I organize editorial conferences, advise our editors and speakers about what to say. To summarise, I take care of the entertainment and information of “Eldoland” every day from early morning to late in the evening.

What’s your cultural and scholar background?

I finished high school in Echternach and started my career at Eldo, like I said before. I’m Luxembourgish. What I really dislike is boredom. That’s why I take on as much stuff to work on as possible, sometimes even too much, to keep me busy at all time.

How and when did you decide to work in a radio station? What were the necessary steps to take?

I’ve always wanted to work at a radio station. When I was a little boy, I would play around, playing cassettes and pretending to be a radio presenter on air. Aged 14/15, I joined the local radio station in Echternach, RADIO AKTIV. My grandfather used to record me in there. That’s something I advise everyone to do, joining your local radio station. You can learn and make mistakes in there that you won’t do anymore when you join the big guns.

If you want to join Eldoradio, you’re free to apply at Everyone that’s interested and has fun doing this stuff can apply with a short audio recording. That’s the most important thing, having fun and doing what makes you happy. More important than all that school and university stuff. We are very happy about every application we get! We’ll then do a short casting and take a look at the possibilities there are for each candidate.


What do you do off-duty?


Right now, I’m into jogging. Running by myself, also races, organized runs. Besides that, I love listening to music and spending time with my family. Once in a month, I visit a retirement home to play cards with the elder. When time and money allow it, I like traveling too.

What are your recent projects?


I’m doing the Morningshow with our new radio presenter Eric! We wake up the country every day from 5 – 9 AM. Its just so much fun to me and I still love doing it. It’s just my absolute dream job and there’s nothing better to me than to wake up and communicate with Luxembourg and get them through the morning. Until today, I seriously love my work and I hope our daily followers and listeners hear that. To come back to the sport, I want to improve my semi-marathon record which stands at 1:44:23h!

What are your future plans? Do you plan on doing something else in the future?

No, I want to continue my work here at Eldoradio! There’s nothing like it!

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