Filo Santos (@808.san) : “Gran Turismo 1 inspired me!”

Filo Santos (@808.san) is a 20 year old photographer/car enthusiast and talks with us about his passion and future plans!

What´s up, Filo! Nice to have you here. Tell us about what you do!

Hi, my name’s Filo, I’m of Portuguese nationality, I’m 20 years old and I go by the name of 808.san on Instagram. I like anything related to cars, fashion, sneakers, photography/videography, and Japanese culture.
I usually take pictures of cars, people and even sneakers. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer though, simply because of the fact that I’m not taking it seriously at the moment due to time restrictions and other priorities.

What is your background? Tell us something about yourself!

I’m a Cape Verdean boy that was born and raised in Portugal. I came to Luxembourg with my parents by the age of 6. Luxembourg felt like a different world, the language, the weather, the mood and so on, but I got used to it very quickly. I used to live in Schifflange, then Kayl and now Esch/Alzette. So, you guys could pretty much call me a #Southboy (laughs). But yeah, I prefer the south rather than the north side.


How did you discover your love for cars and photography?

I got into cars thanks to my older brother, he had a game on PS1 called Gran Turismo which I’m still playing by this day (laughs). To start with, he wouldn’t let me play it, because he thought that I’d break the PS1 or do something to the game. I had to wait until he went out so I could play in secrecy, it was very funny at the time. Since then I got into Need for Speed and other franchises and kept on admiring cars. I currently own a 2000 Toyota MR- Spyder that I bought with my little weekend job money.
I got into Photography thanks to my very good friend, or let’s say my brother Luke Vallen. Around 2011, we started to go out on every weekend and take some pictures.
He’s always very pleased to give some instructions about cameras or photography itself. So I decided to buy a camera in 2017 to see what I could do.

What is your most recent project?

My recent project is a music video that I shot with Luke Vallen. I can’t tell you guys about it as of yet, but stay tuned! #Melly


Do you have any plans for the future? Are there any other things you want to work on?

I’d love to own a company and to invest in many interesting things. Or I’d love to be a Car photographer and travel to many beautiful countries or cities.
I’d love to own a 1991 Honda NSX by 2020 (kinda unrealistic but I’m trying my best) because I always used in the arcade mode of Gran Turismo 1 and it’s such a beautiful car in real life.

So yeah! I was very pleased to accept this interview offer from you guys, and a huge thanks for having me, cheers!