Paul Lisarelli (@cheesa.relli): „Doubt made me try even harder!“

Paul Lisarelli (@cheesa.relli) is a co-founder of Luxembourg’s first streetwear resell account (@resell_source). In our interview, he talks with us about the humble beginnings and his future goals.

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Hello Paul, how are you? Tell us who you are and what you do!

My name is Paul Lisarelli, people also call me Cheesa or Cheesarelli and I’m 18 years old. I am a reseller and I am the founder of Resell Source. I sell limited clothe articles that aren’t available in clothing stores anymore and which have a resell value. People contact me when they are looking for specific clothing articles.

What is your background?

I am a Luxembourgish person with Italian roots and I live in a little village near Redingen. I studied at ALR until 10th grade and then I decided to go study at LCD where I am currently in 12th grade and study human and social sciences. At the age of 12, I was already interested in sneakers, but I couldn’t afford them. Because of that, I started selling and trading them so I would have a financial support for my sneakers consume. It wasn’t until recently that the trade and selling became bigger and more successful. People were doubtful about the idea that “selling shoes on the internet” would be an actual market which has a lot of potential. These doubts only increased my will to try my best and to make it work!

How was Resell Source born?

One day, I told Arthur that we should develop us further as resellers and so we decided to create Resell Source. At first, it was only both of us, but after a few weeks, we took Polow and Daniel on board with us. We have the same ambitions and knew that as 4 young self-made entrepreneurs we could create something. Seeing as this market wasn’t very present on the Luxembourgish market, our success was almost instant. We were also the first ones in our age range that were present as sellers at events like Sneakermess. It’s only the beginning and you’ll be hearing from us much more.

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What are your present projects?

Well, I will still be working with Resell Source, but I am also working on other projects which are going in a completely different way. But I prefer to keep my newest projects to myself and I’ll reveal them as time passes by.

Which possibilities do you see for yourself in the future? Do you want to specialize yourself on something or go a new direction?

Well, I would love to stay in the Fashion Business, only in a more professional way and grow. After my Senior year, I would like to study marketing and sales management at I want to stay in the country and alongside my school education continue with my business. A big goal for me would be for Resell Source to become the first Luxembourgish Buy Sell Trade store for limited clothe articles or to even open a retail store. Seeing as I am a good salesman, I would also like to work in this area in the future.