Ruben Da Cunha (@rubendc12): “The love for arts runs in the family“

Ruben Da Cunha (@rubendc12) is one of the many youth promises for Luxembourg’s national basketball team. The @bbcetzella player spoke with us about his family and the reasons behind the passion for the game.




Thanks for having you Ruben, who are you exactly?

My Name is Ruben (Gentil) Da Cunha and I am currently 18 years old. When I talk about my life, I associate it with my passions. I started playing Basketball at the age of 11. At present, I play Basketball for BBC Etzella Ettelbruck and the Luxembourgish Under 20 national team. In addition to this, I have been playing the piano at the Conservatoire Du Nord in Diekirch for 13 years.

Tell us something about your background. Where are your roots?

Art has always been a family thing. My parents were both born in Africa but raised in Portugal. They value art a lot which is why they insisted that my two sisters and I had a hobby in this area. My mother used to sing, that‘s where this interest comes from. My oldest sister sings at the moment for a living in London. My other sister Rebeca studied Marketing Fashion Business, she is a freelancer for Dior and also works at Stitch Luxembourg. I was born in Luxembourg and do consider this country as my home. Furthermore, I am in my last high school year before my college departure.


Who influenced you in order to take on basketball? Who are your role models?

My father was a soccer player and went professional at the age of 18 in Portugal, which is why sports mean a lot to him. I tried out a lot of different sports, for instance, Tennis and Soccer, but in Basketball I found Passion. My favorite player has always been prime time Carmelo Anthony but I really enjoy watching Lebron James playing the Game.

What are your plans for the near future?

I want to pass this school year successfully because I am really looking forward to my college departure. I am also working on some personal projects which I want to keep that way for now.

Do you want to follow your path in basketball, or are there other things in life you want to achieve?

As Mark Cuban once said: Don’t follow your passion if you want to make a living! I want to follow my efforts. I would like to attend a top law school in the U.S and build my life from this.