Sam Tordy (@sammythesalmon): “I saw 10 countries in just a few weeks!”

Summer 2018 has been an insane journey for this young man.
Sam Tordy (@sammy_thesalmon) sat down with us to talk us through his adventures, his studies in Plymouth, film, photography and his future plans.

How are you Sam? Tell us who you are and what you do!

I was born in Luxembourg and I’m also half Scottish. I spent my life in Luxembourg going mainly to the European school living in a slowly growing patchwork family. I grew up around people from all over the world in a country full of different cultures, I always dreamed of seeing more. I also have an older brother (@chopsticknovice) whom most of my inspiration came from. He’s smart and hardworking and mainly travels a lot and takes amazing pictures. So with a mix of spending time with him, learning his influences, and loving vintage things I got into 35mm film photography.

Ohne Titel

How did you make the decision to go on and study Film in England? What exactly do you do in these courses, and what do you want to go in life after your studies?

My brother introduced me to filmmakers and I slowly got the feeling film was more for me. So I decided to take on film as a life passion and study it, I still do a lot of photography behind and in front of the camera but its what I now study in England. I came to England because the university I am at is extremely special and in an interesting town. I have the possibilities to use professional equipment, old and new. Plus I can join in on any course that I would like to when I want to. So with a film degree and a huge drive in my body and mind to see the whole world, I want to travel. And take special pictures of moments with old cameras while I go to a place, kind of like a documentary, and then make films and adverts for charities while I do work for them. Maybe start projects like opening a food truck with interesting menus from all these countries, I have lots of little ideas like this. But till then it’s traveling the world in the craziest spontaneous way, always saying yes to adventure and getting out my comfort zone, while I finish my studies so I can make a difference.

After doing film testing and experimenting last year, this year of my film studies is serious. Very professional, building sets writing scripts, creating films to perfection so we can send them to film festivals. I get to work with rare and expensive cameras and do a lot of my own creative work in between it all. We are also going to enter a competition for KODAK where we make an advertisement using a very very old camera. Overall its professional, it’s big and its god damn exciting. 


Time to talk about your summer journey. What were you doing all summer long?

I flew back to Luxembourg and decided I would be super spontaneous and never stop. “I’ll sleep when I’m buried”, I said to myself. I even had that tattooed on my leg!


So in Luxembourg, I just went to lakes and saw friends, had barbecues some camping cycling and a lot of partying. Then one day I thought: “I have two weeks free right now…I will do something crazy”, but I didn’t have a plan. So I texted my friend to pack a bag, bring a tent and come in his car, he said okay I will live your life Sam let’s do this, see you at 7am!

So we left that day, absolutely no plan whatsoever, we ended up all the way in Croatia a week later. It was f***ing madness, he was exhausted so we started driving back, I didn’t think it was enough adventure for me though, so I got him to drop me off at the nearest airport. I stayed the night on the Munich airport floor trying to see what the cheapest flight in the morning was. Next thing I know I’m in Greece. I looked on my social media and found that two of my friends were actually there too so I met them and stayed in Crete for a week! I then flew back for half a day, moved house in England for 3 days, came back for half a day and went to Hungary for a 9-day festival. I stayed in that city for another 6 days I didn’t plan, got back at 3AM to Luxembourg and started work at the Schouberfouer for 3 weeks, then I had a car crash, packed for Uni, and then partied every day here in Plymouth like it’s my last. 

Seems like a pretty busy summer then! Do you have any kind of conclusion you could make from your experiences?

Long story short, I slept everywhere possible from airport floors to the streets of London, to the mansions of millionaires and camping next to lakes in the mountains of Slovenia. I saw 10 countries just in the few weeks, made friends for life. I never slept for a single moment yet never felt so alive in my life. I have so many stories to tell but instead, I hope you do so for yourself. My whole summer was spontaneous, I had no plan at all, I just let go and let things happen the way it did. I peeked discomfort and found pure adventure.