Plus Size Girls Luxembourg (@plussizegirlsluxembourg): “We want a change in society!”

@plussizegirlsluxembourg is a charitable organization devoted to giving people a platform to exchange their stories and experiences as a plus-size person. Read the interview below!


Hi girls, how are you? What do you do?


Hi, we are Sandra, Arlette, and Tiziana, and we are Plus Size Girls Luxembourg. We created the page in April 2014. Our goal was to create a platform for Plus Size and curvy people in order to exchange their experiences and to give them confidence about the way they are. Also, we wanted to raise awareness about the topic here in Luxembourg where something similar didn’t exist before.

Arlette was born and raised here in Luxembourg and has Capeverdian roots. She works in social services and is 28 years old. Sandra is 26 years old, also born here in Luxembourg and has Portuguese/Italian roots. She is a full-time mom but she has a diploma in sales. Tiziana is 22 years old, has Italian roots and works with people that have dementia.


How did all of this start? Have you been a team from the beginning?


At first, we only were a Facebook page where people could meet and discuss the topic. By now, we developed ourselves pretty well, as we are present on other social media platforms (RTL You) and founded an ASBL, which allowed us to go new ways (Girls and Boys Day, Miss Plus Size, Jury by Ulla Popken).

The page was founded by Tiziana after she witnessed a situation where a girl, 11-12 years old, has been bullied because of her looks. She stepped in and decided to help the girl in order to get her out of that situation. After a short time, Arlette joined her in order to reach more people and to get along better with the work. Also, Sandra joined the team after we thought that she has a very kind and lovely aura.


What is your most recent project, and what goals would you like to reach in the future?

Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to raise awareness about the topic,  and that the size of your body doesn’t matter, just like the tone of your skin or your religious beliefs. We have to accept the fact that everyone is different and that nobody is perfect.

Our most recent project is to establish a Plus Size Boys group, as there are men that share the same difficulties in society as women do. Also, we want to increase our partnerships so we can reach more people and that we can take part in new projects and events.

We wish that the industry starts to accept that there are people that are in need of fashion suited to their sizes! They should offer modern and affordable fashion for this segment. Also, they should start to use models that are out of the standard model measures and use Luxembourgish people to model for their products here in Luxembourg so that the people start to see a change in society. We wish to grow our audience and organize more projects and events.


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