Pablo Flores (@whoislysis): “It all started in a clothing shop!”

Pablo Flores (@life__0f__pablo) is the creative mind behind the newest Luxembourg-based fashion label LYSIS (@whoislysis). He spoke with us about the creation of LYSIS, the idea behind the name and the future of the brand.

How are you Pablo, tell us something about yourself!

My name is Pablo, I’m 21 years old and grew up in Luxembourg. My father comes from Venezuela and my mother is French. Fifteen years ago we moved from Madrid to Luxembourg and we have been here ever since.

My Inspirations mostly come from American Hip-Hop artists from the early 2000’s (like 50Cent, Eminem, Akon, and Kanye) and later from skate culture. I was always fascinated by clothing and have chosen my outfits since I was a child. In primary school, I never wanted my mother to dress me up.


How was the idea of designing unique and self-made pieces born?

About five years ago, I started using Instagram and I immediately fell into the hype, Supreme was life! This only made me more obsessed with streetwear and I ended up learning about photoshop and illustrator heavily by watching tutorials so I could make my first logo. But my designs never left my computer and never became part of a bigger project. A few years later, I dropped out during my second year of Uni in Brussels and got bored of doing nothing. At my school, there were soldiers constantly passing by and they had super stylish toolbags. So I made a modified version of them and had them produced. But that still wasn’t a big project of mine because, at the time, I hadn’t even thought about a brand I was solely focused on the bag. Shortly after I got the bag, out of the blue, the LYSIS project started.


When exactly did you manage to take that vision of yours into a real brand and articles?

It happened about 6 months ago. My best friend Julien and I were out in Paris proudly walking around with our new bags on. We entered a clothing-shop called “VOS Paris” where we ended up having a long conversation with the shop owner about sneaker releases and so on. In the end, he asked what brand our bags were from. Up until then, I had no idea for a brand name, so I only told him that I made them. At this point, he gave me his e-mail and asked me to present the project to him with some pictures. After that, I started taking it all more seriously. That man’s interest gave me a huge confidence boost. I mean, this dude has a store in which there were Off-White’s, Raf Simmons and Yeezy’s on display! The thought of having my bag right next to those was just crazy to me. It was at that time, while we were still in Paris, that I came up with the name “LYSIS”. The idea behind the name was pacifism. Although the bag comes from a military toolbag, the use is different. After hours of browsing on the Internet, I found a play called “Lysistrata”. The play was about women in ancient Greece who started a sex abstinence so that the men stop the war. I found this extremely cool, so I chose the name “LYSIS” which stands short for “Lysistrata”. LYSIS is a lifestyle brand, the goal is for the youth to be able to identify with that. LYSIS is Hip-Hop, LYSIS is Rock. LYSIS is Techno.



After the launch of LYSIS, what are your main goals to reach in the future?

We want to work with all the cultural aspects. Of course, our main goal is to make dope clothes but we also plan to promote different types of artists like rappers, photographers, skaters etc through pop-ups and collapse. LYSIS wants to help willing artists reach their dreams by working together and spreading a positive energy flow.