Amii Watson (@amiiwatson): “It’s okay to dream big!”

Amii Watson (@amiiwatson) has been a busy person lately. Not only does she run the lifestyle blog on @eldoradio_lux, but she is the co-founder of @bluemclothing, a Luxembourg-based fashion label.
Hi Amii, who are you and what do you do exactly?
Hi! My name is Amii Watson. I love everything related to creativity and I’m a visual designer, fashion and lifestyle blogger for Eldoradio and co-owner of a fashion brand. I’m 22 years old and was born and raised in Luxembourg.
I went to LCD and graduated with a diploma in arts. After that, I went to university Cologne, Brussels and Trier to study communication design.
In order to be accepted into university, I had to make an internship for 12 weeks. I applied at Eldoradio as a graphic designer, even though they didn’t really search for one at the time. They accepted my application and I had to undergo a casting, which was successful, so I spent my internship at Eldoradio. Apparently, I did some good work during that time as they asked me to work for them as a freelance blogger and to continue my lifestyle blog for them, which I still do until today.

For the designing part, I work most of the time with Summer Sky Agency. I do visuals, which include cover designs, logo designs and video editing, and worked with Luxembourgish and international music artists such as Gezza, Krick, Yadson and Austinn.

Tell us more about your recent projects!
The most recent project I’ve been working on is my fashion label Bluem. I founded the label together with Jimmy Braun from Austinn and Adriel von Grüningen from Summer Sky Agency. We just get along very well and we recognized that we share the same Mindset to work on such projects. That’s how Bluem has been founded.
We want to reassure the people that its okay to dream big and to follow them. You just have to find the courage to leave your comfort zone! That’s the message we want to share, we want to encourage people that want to go on and work independent or just want to earn a living by doing things they’re passionate about.
What are the plans for the future of Bluem?
Right now, our project is doing very well. We have plans for a second collection in our minds, but right now we want to focus on our starting collection!
Check out Bluem!  Bluem Clothing