Dorian Angel (@luxdorian_angel): “My family was not convinced of this idea!”

Dorian Angel (@luxdorian_angel) is a young sales and real estate advisor. He told us more about what it takes to successfully take the step into the professional world – even without any professional experience.


Thanks for having you Dorian, who are you exactly?

My name is Dorian Angel, I am 21 years old and work for as a sales and real estate advisor for Manorial. I do that for three years now. I finished school at the CNFPC before I earned the possibility to work for Manorial. Right now I am co-managing our assets in foreign countries as well as here in Luxembourg. On a personal note, I enjoy being active, doing sports (mostly golf) and I’m passionate about art!

What is necessary in order to be able to work in real estate as a young person?

It´s a job where you need to be able to do multiple things at once, always stay concentrated and work on weekends. My family was opposed to the idea of me being active in real estate at the beginning, but they start to see that I work a lot and that I rarely have any time to take a break.



Why did you choose real estate? There are plenty of other areas to work in!

I have always been interested in real estate and the business all around it. I always spoke with friends and my family about everything related to this business field. When I finished school, I tried everything to get into this job field, as it has always been my dream to work in there.

Was the transition from school to the professional world complicated or did you adapt to it easily?

For a guy with no real job experience or first-hand knowledge about real estate, the beginnings were very hard. Everything seemed very complex and you have to make up for all the knowledge and experience missing by studying cases and working with experienced agents/managers. After a while I started to see the results, so everything is possible, even for someone with no experience whatsoever in that field.

How would you evaluate your chances in the future? Do you have any other plans?

That is a very good question actually, to which I don’t have a proper answer. I just try to keep my head down and work hard, continue my work at Manorial and see what’s next for me!