Lynn Schockmel (@lynnschockmel): “I’ve always been creative!”

Lynn Schockmel (@lynnschockmel ) is one of Luxembourg‘s most skilled and awarded bodypainting artists. She told us more about her way and her recent projects.


Hello Lynn, tell us something about yourself!

My name is Lynn Schockmel and I am a body painting artist. I was born here in Luxembourg and work as an educator. I’ve been somewhat of an artist since I was a little girl and aged 14, I discovered face painting as a field I really like to work in, so I went on to do that for Croix Rouge as a volunteer.

As the years flew by, I started to make myself a name in the field of face painting children, and I’ve been booked regularly to do this. I went on to visit courses and seminars in order to improve my work; not only for face painting but also make-up.



How and when did you discover your love for bodypainting?

I first got in touch with bodypainting in 2009 when I visited the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria. I did a workshop there and tried it myself, and I must say I’ve been mindblown right away. Since 2012, me and my husband Marco Mazzini offer photo shootings for individuals as well as model agencies and magazines active in fashion, bodypainting, belly painting (for pregnant women) and the art scene in general. We have a huge offer of costumes, other clothes, and accessories.

The fact that Bodypainting is a sort of art means that I don’t really need a diploma to do it. To have a safe stream of revenue, I still work as an educator. Also, there are days where I’m not in the mood to be creative, so I don’t pressurize myself by doing face painting for a living.



What are your latest projects? Where did you perform bodypainting recently?

I’ve been invited to various events where I perform bodypainting like the Steampunk Convention or Luxcon.

Do you have any plans for the future? 

I don’t have a clear plan which I want to follow in the future. I let everything come around and see what life has to offer, although I would like to specialize myself in creating costumes and accessories as well as the photoshoot related to it.


I want to thank my husband Marco Mazzini, who takes photos of all my work. He supported me a lot and without him, I would’ve never been so successful.