Danel Sinani (@danelsinani): “A foreign top-league is obviously a goal!”

Danel Sinani (@danelsinani) has been one of the most promising football players for Luxembourg recently. He spoke with us about his personal life and his goals for the future.

Thanks for having you Danel, tell our followers something about yourself!

Hi! Even though I hear and read that my name is Daniel Sinani, I have to disappoint you: My first name is actually Danel (laughs). I’m 21 years old and play football for F91 Dudelange and the Luxembourgish football national team.

I have the Luxembourgish and Serbian nationality. I was born in the Capital of Serbia, Belgrade. I finished my scholar journey here in Luxembourg and right now, I’m studying at the University of Luxembourg at Campus Belval.

How did you discover football and how did you start your career?

At first, football was just a fun game I liked to play with my friends and to spend quality time with them. As I grew older, I started to realise that football became a passion for me. Pretty soon I was convinced that I wanted to do that for a living and never stop playing this game.

As a little boy, I played football with my brother and when he registered himself at a football club, I thought to myself: “Why shouldn’t I join him there?” It was a fun time back then. My first club has been Red Boys Differdange before the club turned into FC Differdange 03 because of a fusion between clubs in Differdange.

Who is your footballing idol?

In terms of idols, there have been a lot of superb footballers that I admire. If I had to choose one, I would say that Zidane is my favorite player and my idol.

After your performances in Europe, did you receive any interesting offers from foreign clubs? And what is next for you?

Foreign leagues are obviously interesting and I have to consider an eventual move in the future. Playing abroad is a goal, even though I am very happy and very proud of the things we’ve achieved in Europe as a team. My plans, for now, are to finish off our European campaign on a high with two strong matches against international heavyweights (AC Milan and Real Betis) and to win the league once again with Dudelange. Also, I’m looking forward to succeeding in university.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about transfer offers or anything related to that. That’s business between me and my club.

What do you think about your performance and the performance of the team in the Nations League?


We made a huge development as a team and we take these encouraging matches and victories as a motivation for the European qualifiers. Of course we‘re sad as we wanted to win this group, but we got to stay focused now and work as a unit, because our common goal is to qualify for a tournament or a Final Four. We have to wait and see who we are being drawn with in the qualification group and prepare ourselves based on that.

Speaking about myself, there is always room for improvement, but on a whole it‘s safe to say that I‘m satisfied with my performances in the Nations League. I earned my first starting XI caps and became a first team player for Luxembourg, which I am very proud of. Of course my matches in the Europa League with Dudelange gave me a boost in confidence and experience.