VinoKilo (@vinokilo): Sustainable fashion at an affordable price.

VinoKilo is a business that sells secondhand clothes for an affordable price. They’ve sold around 81,000 kg of clothes in the last 2 years and a half. ( written by Robin Balser)

VinoKilo upholds events where you can buy clothes, many of the events take place in Luxembourg city, such as last Saturday (17.11)  in LuxExpo The Box.

I went to the event and met with Robin Balser, the owner of VinoKilo and did a little interview with him. ( written by @rp.gemini)


When was VinoKilo founded, where and by whom?

VinoKilo was founded by me, in Mainz Germany in the year 2016.

A friend of mine wanted to do a vintage sale at his house and he asked me if I was interested in taking part and I thought “why not”, so I went for it!

Why was VinoKilo founded?

VinoKilo was founded because I wanted the secondhand industry to be looked up to the same way as newly produced clothes are looked up to.

Tell us, what exactly do you do? Explain your concept.

We sell secondhand clothes and those clothes are bought by the kilogram.

Do you have any shops or online stores?

We started with pop up events and now we have 70 of those per year. We usually hold them in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Other than that, we only own an online store.

Where do your clothes come from?

Our clothes are selected by our partner who lives in the Netherlands. The clothes are selected very carefully. For instance, we make polls on Facebook where we ask our customers what kind of clothes they like more and the clothes are chosen by our partner according to these polls.

Afterwards, the clothes are transported from sorting warehouses to the Netherlands. Once there, they get washed and repaired, and they are ready to be sold!

What makes VinoKilo stand out from other clothes businesses? Why choose VinoKilo?

Well, VinoKilo stands out for three reasons.

One, we offer quality clothes at an affordable price and people get to have an exceptional experience at our events while shopping for clothes.

Two, every item is one of a kind and you have to come to the events to find something and to try it on. Sometimes, you find something you like but your size isn’t available for example, because there’s only one example of each clothing item. Because of that, you’ll have to wait until the next event to maybe find something you like in your size then.

Three, you just get a good experience out of it!

Now for the second part of the question, I always encourage people to be creative and to give the message that it’s okay to consume fashion. Consuming is okay and fashion is okay.

Also, VinoKilo stands for secondhand clothing and I want to encourage everyone to choose secondhand over fast fashion.


Are your customers mostly young people or is it a mix between young and old?

Our customers are mostly young people at the age of 18 to 24, but sometimes, like today, the crowd can be mixed from children to elder people.

Now let’s talk about you, Robin. Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Robin Balser, I’m 28 years old, I have German and Indian origins and I live in Mainz, Germany.

I have a background of entrepreneurship, but never really finished any studies. I also have a background in acting and I worked with a lot of start ups.


Do you like to work at VinoKilo? Why?

I love it! VinoKilo is my passion. I get up everyday early in the morning to work.

I wouldn’t be able to do this if I didn’t love it so much.

Money never played a role for me and one day I would love to be able to say that I made a difference with my project and that I inspired people to buy secondhand instead of fast fashion.

Can you imagine yourself doing this for the rest of your life or would you like to change paths at some point?

I would definitely like to change paths someday. I am the CEO and all I do is administrative work, so I spend a lot of time behind a desk. I rarely participate in events, today was one of the rare occasions.

I would like to bring in new projects for VinoKilo, though.

I’m more of the business creative guy, but I don’t think I’m going to be the CEO of VinoKilo forever.

You can find VinoKilo on Instagram (@vinokilo) and online at!