Delphine Weiss (@delphine_weisss): “I still doubt myself sometimes!”

Delphine Weiss is a young fashion VLOGer and started her YouTube channel a few months ago. We asked her a few questions about herself as well as her motivation to do VLOGs.


Thank you for joining us Delphine! Tell us about you!


Hi! My name is Delphine and I’m 17 years old. I’m blogging on Instagram and do VLOGs on YouTube. This means I do a lot of photo shootings or go out and do video recording and editing. I try to focus as much as I can on aesthetics while doing all this. That starts right at the planning, the choice of location, the outfit and everything else related to the process.


What is your cultural background?

I’m of Luxembourgish nationality and was born here, but I have German and French roots too. Aged 5 I started equestrian sport, and aged 7 I started to take music and ballet classes. I used to spend a lot of time with these hobbies until I entered high school and developed new interests, so the time to do these things started to become rare. Also, I tried out playing various instruments and dancing


Besides that, I have a fable for creativity. I started drawing and painting quite early and still enjoy doing it until now. In school, I’m in the arts division which works out fine with my interests. Apart from these things, I always enjoyed visual media, and at age 11, I discovered film. That’s when me and my friends started to develop little stories, film them with our cellphones and edit them afterwards. This went on until I got my first camera and studied more about filming.


When did you start to be active on your social media channels?

I thought about doing videos for YouTube for a long time, but I never had the courage to go in front of the camera for the public. Self-doubt stopped me from starting sooner. During the last months, I gained the confidence to start doing VLOGs as people encouraged me to start. That gives me a very positive feeling and drives me to continue.


Of course, there are times where I’m somewhat scared to upload content because I’m not always as confident as I should be, but then I tell myself just how much I enjoy creating content. My hobby combines two particular interests of mine, which are fashion and film.


I’m active on YouTube since September 2018, and I got my Instagram account for a few years now, but I only started to work on it in a professional way for like a year. I also have collaborations with some fashion labels going on.


Do you have plans for the future? If so, tell us more about them!


Right now, I try to stay active regularly on both Instagram and YouTube. I try to focus more on fashion in the future as this is a business I would like to be active in later on. What exactly I expect for the future can’t be said for now, I just try to do whatever pleases me.


Check out Delphine’s Instagram account: @delphine_weisss

Take a look at her YouTube account: Delphine Johanna