Dylan Pereira (@dylanpereiraofficial): “I am very ambitious!”

Dylan Pereira is a 21-year-old race driver and races in the Porsche Supercup. Moreover, he is a certified elite sportsman and member of Luxembourg‘s army. We spoke with him about his career and his future plans.


Thank you for your time, Dylan! Who are you exactly?

My name is Dylan Pereira and I‘m 21 years old. I‘m currently driving in the Porsche Supercup where I finished in 7th place in the driver standings and finished on the podium on two occasions this season (Barcelona and Monaco).


How did you start your racing career?

I started motorsports aged 4 when my father, who was a race driver too, took me to my first karting races in Mondercange.

My father raced in different regional races and managed to get some good results in these races. Also, he has a car dealership, so the passion for cars and racing has always been a part of our lives.


I raced there nearly every weekend before I got my first own kart aged 7. I then started to race at different circuits and won my first races at the Lorraine championship. After that, I continiously raised the level of competition by racing in higher ranked championships until I eventually raced in the European and World Championship.

After these experiences, I switched to the GT sport where I am still active to this date. I debuted at the VW Golf Cup where I raced for two years and became vice-champion in my second and final year.


I earned myself a spot in the Porsche Supercup after my performances in the Golf Cup. This competition is one of the hardest constructors championships in the world, as the drivers are extremely skilled and the level of competition is very high.

The season which finished a few weeks ago was my third in the Supercup, and it looks like I‘ll race there in the next season as well.


What is your background?

I finished my high school in Luxembourg and earned my  13e générale informatique diploma at the Lycée Privé Emile Metz. I have the Luxembourgish and Portuguese nationality, yet I was born here. I am of Portuguese descent as both my parents are Portuguese. For myself, I feel more as a Luxembourgish person because of the culture and the habits of the life in Luxembourg.


I am also a member of Luxembourg‘s army as an elite sportsman. I passed the instruction period of 3 months from September to December in 2017 before I officially joined the army. This helps me a lot with the timing of my races as I am now allowed to have days off in order to race without any further problems.


Do you have any further projects besides racing?


I don’t have a lot going on besides racing right now except for my work in the army where I want to rise in terms of military grades. This is dependent on my results in my sport, so I have to improve my skills there so I can make this work.


Also, I‘m going to do some coaching work so I can help other drivers to improve.

We had a season-ending party on November 29th where my car from last season was exposed to the public and where I met with my sponsors. That was a great opportunity to thank everyone for their work and their support which motivates me to keep going.


On December 6th, Luxembourg’s sportsperson of the year will be announced. I‘ve got the confirmation that I am in the Top 20 a few days ago, so I‘m really proud of that. Last year, I won the award for motorsports. Let‘s see how far up I stand in the rankings this year.


Do you have any future plans that you would like to share with us?


I can‘t really tell where the journey goes as of today. Possibilities present themselves as unexpected in motorsports.

My goals, on the other hand, are clear: I want to join a constructors/manufacturer team and be a professional race driver in the future. I would accept an offer from any team because the manufacturer itself is not important for me.

To reach this goal is extremely hard, but for now, I think I‘m on the right way.

Also, I have to look for more sponsors and collaborations, which is quite normal in the business.


The big dream I have is to reach Formula One. If a team would come up to me and offer me a cockpit I certainly wouldn‘t say no! (laughs) Also, driving in DTM and the 24 Hours of Spa or Le Mans races would be very nice. But in fact, all that really matters is to get into a position where I can earn money from driving.