NouSavons (@nousavons_m.e) : Socially responsible shower gel and shampoo!

Our “Minientreprise” series starts off with NouSavons, a company created by students of the Lycée Classique de Diekirch.


Tell us something about the company!

Our company is called NouSavons and is based in the LCD. We’re a group of 10 students from different 2eme D & G classes.

We sell solid shampoo and shower gel which is sustainable as well as zero waste concepted.


Who had the idea and how did you create the company?


The idea for this has been elaborated by some of the girls which are a part of the company during the summer. At the start of this year, they came up with the idea and we decided that the concept is very good and that we should take this idea for our creation of the company.

We work in pairs in order to cover the different work fields of our company.


Who are the members of your company?


Production managers: Léini Schaak & Sophie Rütze

Online shop manager: Tom Gallo

Accounting: Anne Diederich

Social Media managers: Paul Lisarelli & Lou Wintersdorff

Marketing: Laura Mathieu & Eric Zenners

Heads of finances: Max Schaus & Philippe Schreinert


What is the key factor of your business? Why should people buy your product?


Our product is vegan, sustainable, free of animal testing, zero waste, handcrafted and produced in an ethical way. As we live in a time where the consequences of climate change start to have major repercussions on our environment, our product (and the way it is produced) offers a perfect alternative to face these problems and to act against them. We think that companies which invest their work in finding solutions to these global problems should have more support from society!


You can find NouSavons on Instagram and Facebook !