Honey Hazel (@honeyhazel.entreprise): Chocolate spread without palm oil!

Honey Hazel is a company which sells chocolate spread which is free of palm oil and contains less sugar then other popular spreads. Find out more in this interview!


Tell us something about your company!


Honey Hazel is a mini-company from the LCD that produces self-made chocolate spread. The difference between Honey Hazel and the popular chocolate spread Nutella is that our chocolate spread is produced without palm oil and minimal sugar, but still tastes delicious.


How was the group created? Who had the idea?


Our group was created at school which resulted in a very diverse group. Our diversity allows us to see this project from lots of different perspectives. The idea came from Anja who is interested in the environment and wanted to make our project something meaningful. The leader of Honey Hazel is Emma. It is her job to make sure all the important tasks are taken care of.


Who are the people that are involved in this company?


Our administration is taken care of by Lisa and Emma. It’s their job to organise everything. 

On our finance team we have Sywor and Len. They take care of all the accounting and keep track of all our costs and profits.

In our Marketing team we have Anja and Emir. They take care of our social media page and make sure everyone stays informed. 

On our Design team we have Anna and Nik who are responsible for designing our logo, flyers and labels. They have to work closely with our marketing team.

In Human Resources we have Chimène who keeps track of all our work and hours. 

For the production of our product all of us are responsible as we see it as essential that all of us are involved in the making and selling of our product.



Tell us why people should buy your product!


Our chocolate spread is a more sustainable and healthier alternative to Nutella. The rainforest, our primary source of oxygen is shrinking everyday, due to big companys like Nestle. As palm oil is one of the main components of Nutella, they are partially responsible for the destruction of the rainforest. Our team doesn’t agree with this and purposely decided to create a better alternative. This is the reason why we don’t use any palm oil and minimal sugar. Our goal is to introduce people to a healthier, more sustainable, self-made product.



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