Overhyped (@overhyped_official): “We have some huge projects coming up!”

Overhyped (@overhyped_official) is a group of five young men with a mission: Shaking up Luxembourg with their projects! Read more about them in our interview.

How are you doing guys? Tell us something about Overhyped!

Overhyped is a group of 5 young men: Christian, Victor, Douglas and Othavio (all Brazilian) and Leandro (Portuguese).

It all started a year ago. Some of us knew each other since the early days, but the team itself was composed at the end of 2017. We were tired of our daily routine; all of the time it’s about working or studying, as well as the mentality of the people here in Luxembourg. Also, we share the same interests in terms of clothing, music and videos.  Everyone in here seems to think that you have to become a banker or businessman in order to be successful. Also, there is a whole bunch of people that are ignorant and selfish. We want to change this mentality!

Do you think that you can achieve this target in the near future?

Who knows, we know that this is not easy but without a dream, without a goal that you strive towards, you won’t work for it!

Tell us more about the creation of the group.

A year ago, when we created the group, we weren’t sure what to start with and thought a lot about how we should approach the public. We decided to post some short video clips first to see what the reaction of the people might be.

During this year, we learned a lot, made some great experiences and grew stronger as a team. Also, we were able to develop some ideas which we want to take to the next step and realize them.

The one thing that missed was organisation. As we made it clear in the group about how to approach things from now on, we are now at a point where we can say: ” Yes, Overhyped could grow into something big if we are ready to work hard, stay dedicated and be patient.”

What ideas have you developed? What are your plans?

We are going to release a fashion line and music as well as organize parties and projects.

After a long break we came back with a new video on November 25 to see if the people would react in a positive way to our content. As we went through the numbers, we got a result we never believed to attain so quickly, and we now know that the people like our content.

We want to give our people quality content to show them what we can achieve and what we can do as a team.

What is the motivation besides your work besides the personal advantages?

If we continue to work hard and give our best, Overhyped could become a source of inspiration for young Luxembourger’s with dreams and creative potential.

We wanted to create something new and unique which eventually motivates us as well to see and do new things. We then decided to create that Instagram account where we can show off what we do. Overhyped guides us to new locations and towards new ideas which we couldn’t develop earlier.

What is your reach at the moment?

Right now, we stand at around 700 followers; keeping in mind that we only posted a few photos and videos, we really had a good start. We really try to get the best content possible with some of us staying days inside our homes, editing videos and photos, whilst others develop new ideas and visit locations where we could possibly do something.

Also, a lot of people say that 700 followers ain’t that much, but imagine 700 people in a room? If you take this picture in front of your eyes, you realize that 700 people is a large number! Some people also start recognizing us on the street and ask us what we do right now, it’s a very nice feeling but we can’t allow ourselves to sleep!

Check out their Instagram account: Overhyped