Samuel Leite (@purpletjarks): “Photography can be really complex!”

Samuel Leite (@purpletjarks) is a young freelance photographer. He told us about how he discovered photography and why it doesn’t fit in with his future plans!


Hi Samuel, nice to meet you! Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Samuel Leite, also called TJ or my pseudonym @purpletjarks. I‘m 18 years old and I am active in photography besides going to school. I would describe myself as a freelance photographer.


Tell us more about your background.

I have Portuguese and American roots, but I would describe myself as a pure Luxembourger because I can’t identify with either of those.


I live near Ettelbruck and I’m in the Lycée Classique in Diekirch where I am in a 2eme class in sciences. I’ve been interested in cameras and photography since I was a child; aged 6 I wanted to play around with my father’s Polaroid camera. Later on, when I was 9, I’ve got my first digital camera for communion which I used for taking pictures of family and holidays. Around 13 or 14 years of age, I started to realize how complex photography actually can be and how much effort people put in their work. I then went on to buy myself a beginners model of a reflex camera and worked my way into that topic step by step. After finding out how complicated manual photography is, I abandoned that after 6 months.





Aged 16 I gained interest in Photoshop and Lightroom and learned everything related to that by watching YouTube tutorials; I didn‘t really took it too seriously until my friend Damir Babacic sort of restored my interest thanks to his enthusiasm related to photography and bought myself a digital camera from Sony based on his recommendation. That’s where I started to take this more seriously. During the last 2 years, I really worked myself into this, found my own style and bought myself adequate equipment.


What are your recent projects?


Besides going to school, I work for an advertising company called Reperes Communication as creative head and for their photography department. Thanks to this engagement I had the possibility to meet a lot of people and learned a lot, so I am very grateful for this opportunity. Also, thanks to my friend Damir, I work with Thierry Henschen and his Parcours / Social Media Marketing team where we make photos for events and people. To finish off, I also do private photoshoots; mostly portraits, but also lifestyle like cars, shoes and architecture. Those are things I am really interested in as well.


What are your plans for the future?


I don’t see photography as a part of my future. Doing this has been a hobby for me ever since I started, but it turned out to develop itself into a nice side job where I have the possibility to meet new faces whilst doing it and where the effort I put in turns out to be a piece of art I can be proud of.

I want to study law in Luxembourg and England and live a balanced life in which I can get up in the morning and be happy about going to work.


To finish off this interview I want to thank my friends and especially Damir Babacic without whom I wouldn’t stand where I am today.


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