Mikel Molitor (@mikelmolitor): “It‘s not easy doing several things at one time!”

As a member of Luxembourg’s national handball team, Mikel Molitor (@mikelmolitor) always gives it a 100% when defending the national colors. The HB Käerjeng player has a different side though: he is an event planner and has two main events coming up week in, week out: TROPHIES and OFFLINE @whiteluxbg . Find out more about him and his work in our interview!

How are you Mikel? Tell us who you are!

Hello, I am Mikel Molitor, I’m 26 years old and live in Dudelange. I’m a handball player for Käerjeng (current handball champion) and I also play for the National Team. I first started playing handball in 1998 in Dudelange and played there for 17 years. I had a lot of good moments and also collected a lot of titles, in the youth divisions as well as in the first team!

Finally, in 2015 I left Dudelange and switched to Käerjeng’s team in order to start a new chapter in my career and to step up my game. Nevertheless, the best thing about a sports-career here in Luxembourg is the young handball players who recognize you, admire you and see you as an idol.

That is the main reason why top athletes overall realize that they are looked up to and it’s amazing!

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What is your background? What do you do besides handball?

I’ve been working as an educator in a childcare center for 2 years now. I got my degree in LTPES Mersch. I couldn’t be happier with my job because enjoy working with kids and being a part of their upbringing.

I am native Luxembourgish from head to toe even if some people find that hard to believe (laughs). But I do not have a Luxembourgish mentality because I know that if you have a goal you need to work hard to achieve it and that nothing just falls on your lap.

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When and how did you start to play handball?

I started playing handball when I was 5 and I grew up I in a real handball family.

My father dedicated his life to playing handball and pretty much made me who I am today! He was my coach in my youth and even trained with me solo at home outside in our yard. From early on my goal was to become better than him one day and I would say that I’ve achieved that goal (laughs). Back in the day, I trained a lot more than others because I was allowed to play in different youth-categories and because of how much fun the game was to me, I deliberately participated in much more curfews.

Later on, when I was 17 I signed my first contact and started getting money for my hobby, for the something I enjoyed doing, which was weird for me at the time. Today, I’m of the opinion that it’s only natural. You get paid because you invest an extreme amount of time in the game furthermore, you’re out of the amateur categories and it advances to a professional level.

What are your current projects? Some might say you are a busy man.

My biggest project outside of handball is clearly TROPHIES. “Trophies” is a party that takes place in White Club Luxembourg in Foetz. 2 years ago, both club owners, Denell Stephens and me, had brought to life what is now one of, if not the best, parties of Luxembourg. The idea is pretty straight forward. It’s basically a party for athletes, every last Saturday night of the month, where athletes are supposed to come together and have fun. There is no dress code and no selection process at the entrance. In my opinion, 800 to 1300 people every “Trophies” night is something to be proud of.

Another project of mine is another party called OFFLINE. It’s a party where people can enjoy themselves with friends, dance to the music and have a blast under one condition. No smartphones allowed. The first Offline in October last year was a success and others to come will be even better!

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I have one last project for the future that requires a lot of patience from my side of things. I became a manager of a singer who just moved here and I’m trying to increase his popularity. I had offered my help to him because I know people that can get the job done. In fact, in the beginning of this year, he is dropping his first single. We are also working on a video clip. So stay tuned people!

What are your goals for the future then?

At the moment, I’m very satisfied with how things are going. It’s not easy to do so many things at once. By that, I mean handball, work, organizing events, managing and so on. Still, I do my best and it’s going great. I don’t really plan far into the future, on the contrary, I prefer letting things roll. Now, that does not mean that I don’t live an organized life tho!

I’m open to new things, new experiences because you never know what the possibilities are…

Cheers Mikel for this very interesting interview!