Soap2Go: Easily transportable “Paper soap”!

SOAP2GO is a minientreprise from the Lycée Michel Lucius. Take a look at our interview and find out more about the product and its producers!


Tell us something about the company!

We are SOAP2GO from the Lycée Michel Lucius. We produce “paper soap” which dissolves in the water. Our product is handmade and 100% vegan, and free of animal testing as well as plastic.

Who had the idea and how did you create the company?

We were browsing Pinterest in order to get some ideas. At first, we wanted to produce self-made soap dispensers, but after some research, we decided to take the idea of “paper soap”. We wanted to produce something unique that is not present as of yet on the Luxembourgish market. Our main target was to produce goods without harming the planet.  Our group was made up of people that know each other and get along very well, with similar ideas and thoughts.


Who are the members of your company?

Daria Rabanillo is the head of our company. She is responsible for the general functioning and coordination within the company as well as the administration.

Philippe Karl is our secretary and our person to contact for business-related inquiries. Moreover, he is responsible for organizing sales events.

Daniel Miranda and Salomé Machado are the ones responsible for everything around the product: Packaging, quality control, stock managing and presentation. They also stay in touch with our suppliers.

Soraya Lopes is responsible for our social media accounts and to inform our production and sales team about orders we receive on social media.

Melany Dos Reis and Romain Jentgen are our human resources team and are overviewing our finances. They ensure that the profit made from our company will be transferred to “Steftung Kriibskrank Kanner”.

Kim Van den Berg is our accountant. She takes care of our production costs and our sales.



What is the key factor of your business? Why should people buy your product?

Our product is practical, it is light, doesn‘t take away much space and is easily transportable (for example for festivals, camping, and travel in general). We are the first company to sell such a product in Luxembourg, as it is a new concept and not available in every store. We want to raise awareness about this new concept and promote it as an alternative to wet wipes which produce a lot of waste that is hard to recycle. It only takes a minute until our soap dissolves. After that minute, your hands are cleaned and the product leaves zero waste, which proves its efficiency.


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