Raphaël Fiegen: “I dedicate this journey to my father!”

Raphaël Fiegen (@raphaelfiegen) is an adventurer and musher from Luxembourg. Together with his dogs, he takes on beautiful, yet icy paths in Scandinavia. Read his story in our interview.

Thanks for joining us Raphaël. Tell us something about yourself!

My name is Raphaël Fiegen. I am a musher and adventurer from the south of Luxembourg. Since 2006, I follow my passion together with my 8 dogs and make regular expeditions with them.

In 2014, I had my first big expedition which I unfortunately had to abort due to the impact of climate change, as there were certain lakes and rivers which were not frozen anymore. Therefore, I couldn‘t finish my expedition.

During my expedition through Lapland in 2016, the movie “Op 40 Patten” was filmed. This February, I try to overcome the so-called “Kungsleden”, a path of more or less 500 kilometers, with 2 dogs in no more than 15 days. During this challenge, I will be joined by a film crew as well.


What is your background?

I am Luxembourgish and grew up in Esch. During my time in the army, I learned a lot of useful things for my adventures. My father Romain Fiegen, who unfortunately passed away in 2017, was a known man in athletics and supported me and my brother. Moreover, he encouraged me to follow my dreams. He was the first Luxembourger who visited the magnetic North Pole.

Who inspired you to do these expeditions?

My father is my main inspiration, as he was an adventurer as well. Since 2006, I am actively working with my dogs.

What are your recent projects?

My most recent project is my Lapland expedition of the Kungsleden path. This expedition starts on February 14 and takes around 15 days. I‘m dedicating this journey as well as the resulting documentary to my late father.

In addition to this, I‘m raising funds for methadone cancer research. You can find more details about this on my Facebook page.


Thank you for your time!


You can find out more about Raphaël‘s journey and his fundraising project on his facebook page!



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