Eric Nosbusch: “I just want to enjoy myself!”

Eric Nosbusch (@djnosi) is one of the young guns active in Luxembourg‘s nightlife. He spoke with us about what motivated him to pursue his passion and what his plans are after finishing school. Read all about it in our interview!


How are you Eric? Tell us who you are!

Hi! My name is Eric Nosbusch. I‘m19 years old and live in Putscheid. In Luxembourg‘s nightlife, I am known as DJ NOSI.  My friends would say that I‘m a guy you can have a fun time with, even though I tend to go crazy with the jokes I make. In general, I like being around people and to party.


What is your background?

I am Luxembourgish and have no other known roots as far as other countries are concerned. Both my parents are Luxembourgers. My friends would say that I am a real Luxembourger (laughs).

I am currently visiting the Lycée Ermesinde in Mersch and visit a 1ère C class. After graduation, I want to go to university.


Who or what inspired you to become a DJ?

Music has always been an interest of mine and inspired me. I was fascinated by the fact that music could provoke an emotional and physical reaction from people of all kind. A video from ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in which Hardwell performed made me start to work on my DJing career. Fortunately for me, we had a DJing course in school that was held in a very professional way by Phillipe Schirrer (also known as CHOOK). This course and the things I‘ve learned there only grew my interest in being a DJ.


What have you achieved so far? 

My first big success was winning the Summer Break Paintsplash DJ Contest 2017. After that, I earned my first bookings in different places and parties. Also, my appearance at the OPEN AIR HOUSEN 2017 and becoming a Resident DJ at MPIRE in Ettelbruck helped me to establish myself easily into the nightlife.


What are your goals for the future?

Right now, I am working hard to get my high school diploma. Once I‘m done with that, I want to focus even more on my Djing career. I want to give a hundred percent and enjoy myself, I don‘t mind that much about eventual success or fame. I hope that I can spread fun amongst people that come to parties at which I am doing my thing.

My goal for the future is to make the people happy and delighted with the work I‘m putting in. Also, I wouldn‘t mind taking a step beyond Luxembourg‘s borders as well. But, the most important thing for me is to do what I am passionate about.


Thanks a lot for the interview!


Thank you Eric!