Think Before You Drink: A card game against alcohol abuse!

Think Before You Drink (@thinkb4udrink) is a card game produced by a minientreprise from the Lycée Privée Sainte-Anne in Ettelbruck. Read about their game and the purpose of it in our interview!


Tell us something about the company!

Our minientreprise “Think Before You Drink” was founded by 6 students from the École Privée Sainte-Anne based in Ettelbruck.


We developed a card game which consists of 24 cards with questions and answers all around the subject of alcohol, which is designed to inform especially younger people about the risks and effects of alcohol to your body as well as to answer the general questions about the consumption of alcohol.


Who had the idea and how did you create the company?

Noémie had the idea to create a game. The only question was: Which type of game?

At first, we had the idea to create a “drink game”. Our teachers didn‘t like this idea at all, so we said to ourselves “ Why don‘t we take the opposite route and create a game against the irresponsible consumption of alcohol.”


The fact that we are in the same class and get along very well in our free time eases the management of our company.

Annick has been designated as head of the company as she knows each and every one of us pretty well and can act pretty wisely during arguments.




Who are the members of your company?

President:                                      Annick Junk

Vice president:                             Joana Magalhães Vaz

Secretary:                                      Dana Ludovicy

Marketing & Social Media:        Noémie Dostert

Accounting:                                   Joana Magalhães Vaz & Catarina Alves Marinho

Logistics:                                       Sophie Weber


What is the key factor of your business? Why should people buy your product?

We offer a unique card game which was designed and produced in Luxembourg.The fact that our cards are shaped like beer coasters makes it pretty useful:

You can play the game whilst being around your friends or family and use it as an actual coaster for your drink.


We think that, within our society, problems related to alcohol and the dialogue about alcohol abuse has been neglected for a long period of time. With our game, this problem could be solved in a rather playful manner.

We hope to reach as many people as possible in order to raise awareness about this issue.

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