Wesley Allard: “I would love to work with Virgil Abloh!“

Wesley Allard aka (@metsuga_) is a streetwear model in the making. Take a look as we talk about his motivation, idols and goals and check out his pictures on Instagram!

Thanks for having you Wesley, tell us what you do?

Hello, my name is Wesley alias Mets­­uga and I’m 20 years old.

I will become a fashion model and I’m kinda in practice mode what concerns shootings etc. even though I’m dealing with deep stuff and it’s not easy at all. All I have to say about that is a quote I made “a child who lost a little life but finds a new light”. I will fight for this goal no matter what.


At the same time, I try to finish school, although it doesn’t tell me anything what I’m doing there and it’s not what I want, but I’m only staying there trying to get a degree and that’s it. By the way, I have to handle all my priorities at the same time. Life can suck and just isn’t easy.

So as you know, I love fashion.. I really do! My dream is to become a fashion model for those brands and designers I’m interested and inspired in the most like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Off White, Prada, Vêtements, Raf Simmons, C2H4 Los Angeles and designers like Alexander Wang, Nigo, but most of all Virgil Abloh who inspired me like CRAZY! What he achieved was a big message for me. You know it motivates me for the simple reason that I would love to represent his amazing creation.

What is your background?

Oh yeah well about nationality.. I’m different and look at these things with a third eye and a spiritual side. So, I was born here in Luxembourg, my dad’s side are all from here and my mother’s side are from middle Africa BUT I don’t like it when somebody tells me you’re African you’re Luxembourgish, man I don’t know it’s just wrong to me but I accept my skin of course.

I don’t identify myself on a piece of paper or the place I was born. I’m not a nationality, I am me, I represent myself, but you don’t know who you are until your last breath or by daily creating yourself and that’s what I’m doing.


What made you start to take a closer look into modeling?

Well, it was last year it came in my mind so not long ago (laughs). So uhm.. I was in that phase without goals and big dreams until I got more interested in streetwear. Later I’ve seen the profile of a model named Luka Sabbat and I immediately knew what I want. Just the way he’s dressed and poses etc really inspires me and because of some designers and model Luka Sabbat, I’ve started to look more into the fashion world and it’s fascinating. Fashion is something else it is much more than art, it has a lot to offer and I build my thing up with some support of @screpy_coco. We talk a lot about our goals and fashion like we really share it with each other and support each other, we believe that we will make it and earn some big checks. We’re seeking for our own freedom, we just want to live. One more thing I want to say about fashion is that it’s a unique world that connects with almost anything and never stops!

I’m wearing a mask for different reasons not only for my own style, and no, I’m not sick (laughs) (…)  because so many people out here laugh on it and I’m preeetty sure some of them are reading this but I really don’t care. It’s even funny when I see their facial expressions, I like it (laughs) because they don’t know about sick fashion, only them real ones know. You always have some haters and it motivates me, I hope it won’t stop (laughs) and I hope y’all young dream chasers won’t give up, just do your thang man no matter what you have to go through keep it up it is never too late until you breath remember that and get inspired or you will never be free. Shut them down and speak up.


Do you have any projects coming up soon?

I don’t have any projects yet. I’ll keep making shots for my Instagram profile named @metsuga_san I created not long ago. I don’t need a lot of followers it’s enough when people like what I’m doing, it only matters what you do outside of social media. So, my pair of sneakers got customized by @edc400 with my ideas and that’s all, for now, I must focus on other things projects will come later when I have enough success. But if anybody wants their shoes to get customized then you should DM him and DM @_degoat_ if you want to get your jackets customized, their work is straight fire. I had to spread some love now because the fashion and streetwear community grows day by day.


Do you have any plans for the future?

I don’t know, let’s see what my destiny has in store for me.

I’ll stick with fashion, it never bores me and there is nothing else I want to become except for a special cause but that’s a secret. One thing is for sure, I’ll go to Paris to participate at Elite Model Look and gain some experience so that I’m prepared enough to hopefully walk on fashion shows later. I’ll look to get some contacts in the city who can open my doors to living my dream and can show some energy so if anybody has some contacts or have some help in store for me to achieve my goal, then DM me on Instagram I appreciate every help. I hope it will be an exciting journey and I’ll give my best and I want to thank those who really support me.


“Fashion gives me the opportunity to make noise without opening my mouth.”