Khalid Oke: A wonderful voice on the rise

Khalid Oke is undoubtedly one of Luxembourg‘s most talented vocal artists today. Alongside his crew, he works internationally with Sony and Universal Music. Read his story and how he got inspired to make his mark in Luxembourg‘s music scene!

Thanks for having you, Khalid! Who are you exactly?

My name is Khalid Oke. I am an artist,  a singer active in soul, R&B, hip-hop and djing. However, l like to use my roots to shine because it makes me unique from other artists out today. For me, authenticity is very important.

What are your roots? How did you discover music?

I came to Luxembourg when I was 11 (I am now 20). I started singing when I was 4 at church with my grandmother in my motherland Nigeria. Arriving in Luxembourg, it was really hard for me to cope because I was always beaten and mocked by other children, but music and education saved me.

I got a main role for the musical Jengi-Stengi and broke through that lifestyle. In my Highschool, I am in the choir group Lcd Choräle and never tried to do music professionally until a few years back.

How did you become a professional artist?

In 2017 I was discovered by a Luxembourgish artist called Miss Georgia Gray, my producer and big brother Jonathan Reichling and Jonathan Jäkel. They took me in and transformed me into a professional artist. I recorded the hit single “Waiting for so long” with miss Georgia gray( which reached 3rd position at a song contest called “Welcome to Europe” in Europapark Rust). After that, I started working on my projects.

In 2018 I worked with the DJ noizegeneration on our hit songs “Weekend” and “Come Closer”. I also appeared on traumfrequence. I then won the contest Welcome to Europe with my song “Freedom” which was released in Germany.

In 2019 I kicked the year off with my lead single “Fly Away” featuring Johnny Chicago, my producer. The best single, for now, is “Woa Woa”; it’s a banger.


A lot of things are about to happen to which I can’t give away any information yet but keep praying for me because I love doing what I do! I am currently working with tokabeatz, Universal and Sony music so a lot can happen when you work hard and believe. The most important thing is my new single “Fly Away’’ ft. Johnny Chicago is out on every music platform. Check it out!


Stay tuned, because I believe this year is my year. In God I trust. Thank you for reading, bless up!

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