Why Lil Dicky‘s “Earth” is a candidate for the song of the year

The Earth Day on April 22 is celebrated annually in order to raise awareness and to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

On April 19, rapper Lil Dicky released his song “Earth” with the help of music superstars such as Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Dicky (whose real name is David Burd) brought together a total of 30 stars to feature in his song, which celebrates the different kinds of breeds and plants that inhabit the Earth.

The best part about the whole “project” is the music video. You can easily access the video on YouTube by clicking here.


Around 30 stars came together to assist Lil Dicky on “Earth”.

The song itself has a feel-good atmosphere and vibe, yet the message behind it is serious. According to a United Nations study, we have about 12 years left to ensure that global warming won‘t have irreversible effects on our planet.

To make this a little more special, Lil Dicky decided to donate all the earnings in relation to this song to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. In case you didn‘t know, Leo is the most famous advocate for environmental protection and has raised (and donated) millions of dollars through his foundation in order to support all kinds of projects related to the preservation of our planet. What a guy.


If you want to support this cause, you can access the webpage welovetheearth.org and sign a petition that urges the leaders of the world to support a Global Deal for Nature.