Excessive violence! Futsal season ended prematurely

The football federation decided to end the 2018/2019 futsal season with immediate effect after the first game in the national futsal championship best-of-3 series. This decision was motivated by another violent altercation between two futsal teams during the finals game between FC Déifferdeng and Racing Letzebuerg.

The FLF Board released a statement this evening justifying this decision.


Futsal Championship 2018/19 – Incidents of May 5, 2019 – Decision of the FLF Board of Directors

At its meeting this evening, the Board of Directors decided to end the FUTSAL 2018/19 Championship with immediate effect.

The serious incidents that marked the first match of the best-of-3 series between the clubs of FC Differdange 03 and RFCU Luxembourg to designate the winning futsal team unfortunately demonstrate a climate that is foreign to fair play and respect.

We have observed throughout the season that these types of incidents tend to be repeated.

In order to guarantee not only the sporting spirit, but also the physical integrity of players, referees and spectators, this is the only possible measure.