About us

What and who is youZe.lu?

youZe.lu is the first platform that reaches out to the youth of Luxembourg. We cover national and international news about various topics such as politics, business, sports, fashion or music.

Established in 2019, youZe.lu understands the value of a close and well-connected community. We are counting on our community in order to stay informed about what the youth is passionate, worried or angry about. Our mission is to create a space for young people in which they are able to share their thoughts and discuss.

youZe.lu has no ties to any political party or organization. Furthermore, comments or articles from our authors are not representative for the entirety of youZe.lu.



youZe.lu is the successor of luxembourg-thepeople.com; a website created in October 2018.

With this project, Tim Krier and his classmate Tom Roller won the Young Enterprise Project 2018/2019, organized by “Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg”, and represent Luxembourg at the European Enterprise Challenge in Oslo, Norway which takes place in June 2019.

Breaking down a few concepts in order to ensure a successful and sustainable future for their project, they decided to help young people discuss ideas and get informed about the unfolding events in the world as well as in their country.