Fabio De Aguiar (@pannashot) : “We want to define a new way for media in Luxembourg”


Fabio De Aguiar, founder of 11F Media and self-made entrepreneur took the time to answer a few questions for LUXEMBOURG. THE PEOPLE. , talking about his future plans, the idea behind 11F and upcoming events.

Hi Fabio, tell us about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Fabio De Aguiar, also known as @pannashot, as it is my Gamer ID. I am the founder and manager of 11F Media, a group of people working in media, marketing and eventing. As of now, we work in 3 different areas: Sports, gaming and movies. I’m responsible for the development of 11F Media since the creation in 2013. We try to expand our reach every day, and I guess that worked out pretty well from the beginning until now.

How was the idea of creating 11F born?

The initial idea of the creation came about when I was on my way back home from a Europa League football match, which was played abroad. During the return journey, I realized that there was no such thing as a community for sports fanatics to exchange opinions and information in Luxembourg. In the early stage of our project, we established 11F Sport, but in the same year of its creation, we planned our first successful FIFA gaming tournaments where 64 players were needed to make it actually work. The demand was very high, so the necessary amount of people came together rapidly. Over the years, we developed the planning of our gaming events, so we decided to create a second, independent Facebook page called 11F Gaming in 2016. That’s when Dany Fernandes, which is an associate and responsible of marketing and communication of the company today, joined me at 11F. The latest page we started is 11F Movie, featuring and presenting movies, series and animes.

What are your current projects and short-term plans?

Right now, were working on our oldest reoccurring project, the BEGW – Belle Etoile Gaming Week which will take place from 20th to 24th November at the Belle Etoile Shopping Centre in Bartringen. It will be 4 action and challenge–packed days with loads of prizes to win. At the final day of the event, the FIFA 19 National Cup will take place where the 32 best national and regional players will compete for the win. Furthermore there will be a Super Smash Bros. tournament hosted by Sweetspot asbl. Unfortunately, I cant give you further information on that as of today. We will communicate details very soon on our webpage 11f.lu.

What do you think about the future of 11F? What are future possibilities and goals for your organization?

To put it simple, we want to define a new way of media in Luxembourg. The goal is to extend the reach and increasing the interest amongst people for our events. That’s the goal!

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